Funny Mental Health Speaker

Stuart Ellis-Myers (a.k.a. ‘Twitchy’) is a funny all laughs and learning, motivational mental health speaker. Stuart is an 800+ audience keynote living with the rare and incurable neurological disorder, Tourette Syndrome. At the age of just 8 years old Stuart started to twitch and was diagnosed 13 years later. Today he offers you 50 years of mental health to mental wealth actions and solutions to CSI, and to detect and lead those also living with anxiety, depression, OCD, ADD and Bipolar. Stuart’s greatest wish is for you to create your own UNSTOPPABLE LIFE.

Join Stuart (a.k.a. ‘Twitchy’) and over 800+ audiences from around the world to create the foundation for your own journey in ‘mental health to mental wealth’. 

How does he do it?

Stuart shares all of the immediately usable insights and actions learned from the 50 years of lived experience he uses on a daily basis to Jedi Master anxiety, depression, OCD, ADD and Bipolar. Discover mental health to mental wealth navigation tools that are carefully mapped out through five decades of struggle, beginning with 14 years of undiagnosed, incurable symptoms of anxiety, depression, bipolar, OCD and ADD. The culprit? Tourette Syndrome. It turned his life upside-down and inside-out. However, instead of being defeated, Stuart seized a new, life-saving pathway. Through this journey, he has transformed into a highly celebrated and chuckle-worthy mental health speaker!

Just how do you overcome this toxic blend of mental illnesses and look to the future, look to the next day… the next hour? Against challenging odds, Stuart is now a better workplace mastery success story and inspirational keynote speaker.


How did he achieve his success?

Stuart’s words to live by: “Go from failure to failure with great enthusiasm and if you never give in how can you fail?”

Stuart is one of the most unique, gifted and inspiring public speakers in today’s convention circuit. Stuart’s highly participative, on-stage performances are designed to ‘positively traumatize’ you into new actions generating only dreamed about results. Audiences evaluations prove that after this presentation ends, attendees leave laughing, refreshed, refueled and refocused equipped with proven tips and tools to turn mental health in mental wealth.