Funny Motivational Speaker

Stuart is a funny motivational speaker best described by audiences around the world as ‘Robin Williams withInspirational Tourettes’. Twitches, tics, and uncontrollable arm slapping – no swearing! Stuart is one of the mostunique, gifted and inspiring public speakers in today’s convention circuit. He has dedicated his life, thru the lessons he learned through years of battling Tourette Syndrome, to help others by sharing how anyone can choose to become UNSTOPPABLE.

With 800 + world-wide conference keynote endorsements under his belt living with anxiety, depression, OCD, ADD & Bipolar. Stuart is best described as a laugh-while-you-learn Leadership, D&I Jedi mental health into mental wealth master and is renowned as a convention and corporate meeting favorite. Stuart’s memorable presentations  inspire people to leave his presentation with immediately usable insights and actions on how to be Unstoppable.

How does he do it?

Stuart offers a laugh-while-you-learn audience experience. Through his uncontrollable twitches, tics, wild gestures and grunts, Stuart motivates your people to become personally and professionally Unstoppable. With 50 years of living with Tourette Syndrome and mental illness, Stuart guides you to stop putting off and instead seize opportunities before they slip away. Through expressing his own wildly difficult but oh-so funny ‘twitchy’ life experiences, you too can learn to control doubts and debilitating fears.

Stuart truly sees potential in all.

If someone like Stuart living with Tourette Syndrome can become a hilariously funny, non-swearing keynote speaker, then what’s holding any of us back from achieving our dreams? With his motivational guidance, let all resistance wash away. Today, Twitchy is famous for inspiring audiences around the world on how to measurably refresh, refuel and refocus all obstacles into opportunities.