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Stuart Ellis-Myers - World's Only 800+ Keynote Speaker Living with Tourettes Syndrome

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triple tripadvisor

Over 340 million travelers a month trust & to ‘get the truth and go’! This means that more than fifty (50%) percent of your guests & tourism region visitors are checking out your TripAdvisor reviews and only then making their travel decisions.

Roger Brooks says that ninety percent (90%) of all traditional tourism marketing investments are being wasted! Triple TripAdvisor is the world’s first social media driven DMO, CVB, Hotel, BB, Attractions & Restaurant marketing & sales program that increases your sales revenues by massively increasing your current guest/visitor experience. Together we engage all of your front desk and reservations agents, housekeepers, waiters, bartenders, guides and anyone who directly or indirectly touches your visitor/guests. Then everyone participates in a DMO or company wide reality based learn-by- laughing tourism mastery roadshow event that triples your TripAdvisor review performances and doubles your current new visitor/guest FIT sales closure performance.

No other tourism marketing mastery program leaves you with a video based training legacy starring front line tourism service superstars from around the world standing tall and together with your people sharing with the world (through our 1080p quality YouTube Triple TripAdvisor video cameras) how they word-for- word, action-by- action Over-Wow your visitors & guests.

Raving Fan Tourism Conference Clients
Mississippi State Tourism
Georgia Governors Conference on Tourism
South Dakota Governors Conference on Tourism
Louisiana Travel Promotion Association

Raving Fan Hotel Conference Clients

 Raving Fan DMO’s & CVB’s

Mississippi: Biloxi, Clarksdale, Greenville, Natchez & Tupelo
Georgia: Savannah, Dalton, Vidalia, Warner Robins & Rome
Louisiana: Southwest CVB, Coushatta Casino Resort
South Dakota: Rapid City, Custer State National Park, Deadwood & Spearfish
British Columbia: Whistler, Vernon, Osoyoos & Oak Bay Marine Group

What People Are Saying:

“Your message was directly relevant, inspiring, unforgettable, and immediately usable by all attendees.”

– Nicole Thomas, Coca-Cola Coca-Cola_logo_108_png

“You celebrated our people, our products and our clients. You were an absolute hit.”

– Daniel Beauchamp, Country Manager, Merck Animal Healthmerck_108x31

Why select Twitchy as your keynote speaker?

What People are Saying

Southwest Tourism CVB
Megan Mansour Hartmann
Director or Marketing

Our members loved Triple TripAdvisor program and the local web-video legacy delivered so much we invited Stuart Ellis-Myers back to present Triple TripAdvisor for us the next year.

Best Western
Claus Larsen
General Manager

We all took a ton away from Triple TripAdvisor speaker and recommend Stuart Ellis-Myers as our next Best Western keynote speaker.

Your People, Your Stories

Call us today to find out how we specialize in training & creating web-pages just like this one starring you people sharing how they love to Over-Wow every guest & visitor.

Learning Outcome Examples

The Choice Hotels Mount Rushmore Over-Wow

The Fat Mommas Over-Wow

Kauai How we Over-Wow HoloHolo Style

Whistle Stop Café
How we Over-Wow Fried Green Tomatoes Style

Beverage Servers How to Over-Wow

Sold Out Front Desk Mastery

How to be an Over-Wow Ambassador

Raving Fan Clients

From Fortune 500 companies to national associations, clients are raving about Stuart Ellis-Myers keynotes.

How Twitchy Customizes

Stuart creates Unstoppable Sales Mastery Legacy YouTube Channels starring audience members of your selection shot live at your special events.
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