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Worker Shortage

How to survive and thrive

Now is the time to re-invent your HR recruitment and retention strategies to survive and thrive during tomorrow’s inevitably tighter labour markets.

On his travels across North America, Stuart Ellis-Myers ‘Twitchy’ has spent several years video researching & interviewing top performing executives responsible for HR leadership working in a wide array of small and large corporations. No other Worker Shortage Presentation offers you the immediately usable, innovative and proven actionable management techniques for leveraging the knowledge of mature workers, retaining talented younger workers, re-engaging disillusioned mid-career workers and discovering the hidden benefits of hiring people living with disability.

Massive numbers of baby boomers are retiring with relatively fewer skilled workers available to replace them. Unprecedented shifts are underway in the age distribution and diversity of the global labour pool. No organization will escape unscathed from the effects that the looming labour shortage will deliver.

Here are just some of the many reality based video interviews that Twitchy presents at conferences across the country on how HR Leaders & Managers can survive and thrive by learning how to redefine retirement, transform outdated management and human resource practices to attract, inspire, challenge and retain workers of all ages and backgrounds:

Learning Outcomes


No candidates! What to do!


Number # 1 employee need – flex time


Real life lessons learned from Loomis Fargo


Generating deep employee loyalty


Go further than higher compensation


University insight – Stop misunderstanding today’s graduates


Leverage your top candidate interview skills


Worker Shortage lessons and solutions learned from the IT Bubble


How to turn your employees into recruiters

What People Are Saying:

“Your message was directly relevant, inspiring, unforgettable, and immediately usable by all attendees.”

– Nicole Thomas, Coca-Cola Coca-Cola_logo_108_png

“You celebrated our people, our products and our clients. You were an absolute hit.”

– Daniel Beauchamp, Country Manager, Merck Animal Healthmerck_108x31

“Exactly what we needed to kick off our annual conference with energy, great message and got everyone involved.”

– Phil Russo CAE, Chief Operating Officer, NAFA Fleet Management AssociationfooterLogo_108x40

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