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From Fortune 500 companies to national associations, clients are raving about Stuart Ellis-Myers keynotes

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“Your message was directly relevant, inspiring, unforgettable, and immediately usable by all attendees.” Nicole Thomas

“We recommend you ‘Twitchy’ to any organization who is seeking a measurable way to ensure that their people have what they need to succeed in an ever changing marketplace!” April Clark

“I stayed for the entire presentation. You definitely ‘positively traumatized’ our Club Managers & Executives!” Sandra Furlong

“Without hesitation we recommend your professional speaker services!” Robyn Salatka

“Your high energy, edu-taining presentation style generate a full participation from our audience!” Diane Alderman

“You are one of the most dynamic speakers we have ever worked with!” Louise Gardiner

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Paris, France Capgemini Connect & Drive Leaders

Travelodge National Conference

Ontario Long Term Association

Super Fred hiring people living with Disabilities

Child Support Conference Planners

BC Pharmacy Technicians of BC

BC Construction Safety Alliance

Australia NDS National Disability Conference

ODEN – Disabilities Work

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Stuart creates Unstoppable Sales Mastery Legacy YouTube Channels starring audience members of your selection shot live at your special events. For more information, contact Twitchy!

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