Meet Twitchy, Stuart Ellis-Myers

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Stuart Myers is the world’s only funny, inspirational, motivational keynote speaker who loves to ‘positively traumatize™’ audiences. On 863+ conference stages located across North America, Australia and Europe, delegates enjoy fits of laughter while learning how to become Unstoppable and turn mental health into mental wealth. 

Stuart has over 50 years of lived experience with anxiety, depression and OCD-driven Bipolar panic attacks. Stuart is living proof that anyone who overcomes overwhelming circumstance tend to develop extraordinary approaches to everyday challenges, often achieving extraordinary results.

Stuart loves to breakthrough mental health stigma to reveal immediately usable, professional and personal life saving lessons—offering real, usable insights to overcome the many challenges of today’s globally-hectic world. So get ready to take a deep dive into the life of a man held captive, but not broken by his mental health condition, who found the strength and determination to break free by performing his life-saving Unstoppable message to live your best life.

Stuart knows all too well the hardships of personal health challenges that altered the course of his life at an early age. By eight years old, Stuart began to develop one of the most misunderstood neurological disorders of our time—Tourette Syndrome.   

Living with Tourettes is a daily challenge of anxiousness, depression, and uncontrollable twitching. Faced with a lifetime of disability, Stuart made a powerful choice to direct his life toward a joyful and Unstoppable life—dedicating his life’s purpose to helping countless others overcome their own challenges and fears.

Funny Inspirational Keynote Stuart Ellis-Myers

Raving Fans Confirm 

Stuart is a stand up comedian style storyteller!

Through clean, non-swearing humor and uncontrollably twitching theatrics, Stuart’s life purpose is to shift you into living a remarkable, Unstoppable life. 

Stuart is an author of UNSTOPPABLEIn his published book and performances, Stuart talks from the heart about his journey from suicide to success as a professional and personal GPS to navigate you through any Unstoppable mental health, mental wealth challenge.

With 20+ years as a successful motivational speaker, Stuart has countless RAVE REVIEWS and is a favourite at conventions and corporate meetings with over 863+ performances across North America! He and his family are based out of Vancouver, BC.

Q&A with Twitchy

Well let’s talk first about how one in five of us today are experiencing a heightened level of mental health issues. Most are caused by chronic anxiety and depression, and this number is steadily on the rise.

At the age of seven, I unknowingly began to develop one of the most misunderstood mental illnesses of our time —Tourette Syndrome. I spent fourteen undiagnosed years until I was finally told in my early 20s that what I had was incurable. So, who better than someone like me offering 50 years of lived experience with anxiety, depression, bipolar, OCD and ADD to share how anyone can turn MENTAL HEALTH into MENTAL HEALTH. 

Many people deny and hide their fears. As a kid growing up on the streets of London, England, my constant twitching, grunts, shrieks, ticking, and wildly uncontrollable arm slapping gestures offered me the opportunity to learn all about harm and abuse. I learned early in life how to deal with the anticipatory anxiety and depression caused by constant school and societal bullying, ridicule and rejection. Faced with the prospect of a lifetime of frustration, isolation, and shame, I chose NOT to hide away, but to to do something remarkable with my life instead.

Thoughts of suicide were the reality of my damaged and dysfunctional childhood. I overcame the urge to kill myself by choosing to serve others, and sharing all of the lived experiences I learned early in life while overcoming mental illness.

Today I am in heaven travelling from conference to conference revealing with many thousands of people all of the insights and actions I use on a daily basis to turn neurological weakness into mental strength.

All my keynotes, presentations and books are all dedicated to positively traumatizing and inspiring people to use all of the immediately usable tips and tools proven to help anyone accelerate through any life challenge versus slowing down and becoming stuck.

Thanks to undiagnosed learning disabilities hidden away within Tourettes, I could barely read and write. As a result of keeping this weakness secret, I failed to graduate high school. At the age of 17 I emigrated to North America to start a new life. With little or no prospects, and no education, to survive I took manual labour jobs to get by. My life turned around when I decided to confront all of my weaknesses by returning to college in Canada. It was here that a whole new world of possibility opened up to me. My teachers gave me the gift of self-esteem, a grade 12 diploma, followed up with an engineering certification. They gave me the gift of confidence and to never look back.

Long story short, I went on to enjoy working within the fields of energy production, construction, information technology, international shipping, tourism, real estate development and even corporate recruitment.

I live permanently drenched in a wash of anxiety and depression, exacerbated by OCD, ADD and bipolar. Every day I wake up feeling as if I have no life with no prospects, and that I am completely worthless without hope. Every moment of my life feels as if the world is about to come to an end, where it never does.

My work therapy is to travel, reach out and teach as many people as possibly to see past the stigma associated with my twitchy life and to inspire the change and solutions that others are seeking.

What you ask is all shared in great detail in my first book, ‘Unstoppable.’ I love to share how and why to never give in, and instead choose to go from failure to failure with great enthusiasm. In my case these instructions have allowed me to act-as-if you can until you do, resulting in me being able to fulfil my dream to travel around the world to well over 863+ audiences on how to become Unstoppable!

I love hearing from people share how they were able to become Unstoppable by facing their fears, and catch the mental health to mental wealth habit to go on and completely revolutionize themselves.