How Stuart

Customizes Performances

Unique Add-on Option: 

Conference & Online Video Content

Organizations such as the Pacific Safety Conference, Capgemini, AAA, Best Western, Coca-Cola, and Expedia love this option! 

Stuart is the ONLY keynote on the conference circuit who takes the extra time to provide a LIVING LEGACY, shot locally (or via Skype anywhere in the world), featuring your most powerful people. Hint: past board members!!

90 days prior to your conference start: Stuart expertly interviews people you select—who are known to be superstars in your industry—and then builds their video clips directly into his LIVE on-stage performance.

Video Clip Benefits

  1. Stuart infuses this invaluable footage directly into his keynote

  2. You are left with a conference living legacy that celebrates the leadership and brilliance of your people

  3. An invaluable post-conference resource for you to republish to social media
Why Select Twitchy?
Invaluable Video Footage Customized

“…The greatest speaker we could ever ask for! Absolutely usable tools we can implement…”

—Tim Oldfield, VP Global Sales

Choice Hotels

Please watch this video where Stuart did this work with Choice Hotels sharing how and examples:

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