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Keynote Performances

Stuart Ellis-Myers a.k.a. ‘Twitchy’ is the world’s only 800 plus performance funny, inspirational keynote speaker living with the rare and socially bizarre neurological disorder, Tourette Syndrome.

During his performances, Stuart shares valuable insights on how to become Unstoppable, turn Mental Health into Mental Wealth, and confidently create fundamental places of Workplace Safety.

‘Twitchy’ travels worldwide to deliver content rich audience experiences, jam-packed with hilarious laugh-while-you-learn insights. 

Stuart Ellis-Myers keynote conference speaker

Choose the Right Keynote Performance for your Group

Stuart will work tirelessly to tailor his performance to the unique needs of your audience. 

Post Pandemic
Power of You
Unstoppable Resilience

Stuart has overcome countless Unstoppable challenges to become a hilarious content-rich, ‘Robin Williams Living with a Twitch.’ Laugh and learn while discovering elusive insights to boost mental health into mental wealth and live an Unstoppable life!

Mental Health
For Post Pandemic Life

Stress! Deadlines! Change!
Stuart kickstarts your First Aid Mental Health Kit with some important learning tools as he reveals 50+ years lived experience insights with anxiety, depression, OCD, bipolar, and Tourette Syndrome.

Mental Health, Mental Wealth: The Workplace Safety Syndrome

How do you INSPIRE your staff, including the 1 in 5 North Americans suffering from addition and mental health issues? Learn (with hilarious insights) how to CSI detect and diagnose UNSAFE workplace mental health issues.

From Suicide to
A Survivor’s Keynote

Take an inspiring journey with Stuart to the moment he hit ROCK BOTTOM. Stuart shares life-long lessons to overcome and live with anxiety, depression, bipolar, and Tourette Syndrome. Resurface ready to help others shift from suicide to success.

Discover DEI Disability: Your Inclusion 

Looking for that elusive unique point of sales difference to boost new market sales? Dive into the hidden world of People-With-Disabilities (PWD) to resurface ready to activate new hidden market sales revenues, decrease costs, and improve efficiency.

How Twitchy Customizes

Unique Add-on Option: Conference & Online Video Content

Organizations such as the Pacific Safety Conference, Capgemini, AAA, Best Western, Coca-Cola, and Expedia love this option! Why? Stuart is the ONLY keynote on the conference circuit who takes the extra time to provide a LIVING LEGACY, shooting local (or via Skype) mini-clip videos with powerful peer-to-peer insights. He expertly interviews people you select—who are known to be superstars in your industry—and builds the clips directly into his performance.

Video Clip Benefits

  1. Stuart infuses invaluable footage directly into his keynote
  2. You are left with a conference living legacy that you 100% own
  3. An resource to republish into social media post-conference
  4. Videos to your YouTube Channel

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