Mental Health Mental Wealth:

Beauty and the Beast

Why do market leaders such as The Conference Board of Canada & Mental Health Commission engage Twitchy, a man living with Tourette Syndrome to speak at their conferences?

Stuart Ellis-Myers inspires real results

Mental Health Mental Wealth:
Beauty and the Beast

Stress!   Deadlines!   Change! 

60% of your people are experiencing heightened levels of workplace mental health issues. 

If you break your arm, everyone wants to sign your cast.

If you expose having depression—thanks to mental health stigma—everyone runs for the door!

mental health issues in the workplace

Stuart Ellis-Myers aka Twitchy has kickstarted MENTAL HEALTH HUMOUR into 863+ conferences. Described as ‘a great leader in mental health’ by The Mental Health Commission and ‘exactly what we hoped for’ by The Conference Board. 

Stuart has uncontrollably twitched 30 million times to become the WORLD’S only 863+ performance, MENTAL HEALTH, MENTAL WEALTH keynote speaker.

Twitchy hilariously holds NOTHING BACK. He gladly reveals 50 years of lived experience laughing and learning how to overcome anxiety, depression, OCD, bipolar and the neurological disorder, Tourette Syndrome. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. It’s OK to Not Be OK
  2. Learn through laughter
  3. Slow down to quicken up
  4. Obsessively overcome negativity
  5. Compulsively calm and collaborate
  6. Anchor emotional awareness
  7. Halt hurts and hang ups

“…Terrific opening keynote. We laughed, cried and learned. Exactly what we had hoped for…”
Bryan Benjamin, Vice President, Organizational Performance, The Conference Board of Canada / Better Workplace Conference

“…Thank you for being such a great leader in the mental health field. A true joy to get to see you speak. Loved the way you engaged the audience. You got personal, real yet kept it light hearted. Full of lived experience insights…”
Sapna Mahajan, MPH, PMP, CHE, Director, Office of the President & CEO, Mental Health Commission of Canada