Mental Health Mental wealth:

The Workplace Safety Syndrome

Why do market leaders such as Pacific Safety Conference and BC Construction Safety Alliance engage Twitchy, a man living with Tourette Syndrome to speak at their conferences?

Stuart Ellis-Myers inspires real results

Mental Health Mental Wealth:
The Workplace Safety Syndrome

Safe workplaces don’t start with hard hats and fall protection—safe workplaces start in the minds of our people.

60% of all workers today are either experiencing or observing heightened levels of UNSAFE on-the-job mental health issues. Where do you start inspiring your staff, including the one in five North Americans who suffer from addiction and mental health issues?

Renowned worldwide as a ‘lived experience mental health expert’ keynote speaker, Stuart Ellis-Myers a.k.a. Twitchy brings 50 years experience working SAFELY with the rare neurological disorder Tourette Syndrome, anxiety, clinical Bipolar depression, OCD and ADD.

Best described by 863+ audiences as ‘Robin Williams with a Twitch,’ Stuart has an unforgettable mental health SAFETY message. Audiences leave this session laughing, learning & living a fresh SAFETY SYNDROME knowing how to CSI detect and diagnose UNSAFE workplace mental health issues.

Within this powerfully inspiring and informative session, discover how to CSI detect, minimize and SAFELY manage the people you lead—people who are silently overwhelmed with UNSAFE anxiety-based stress, fatigue, change, anxiety and depression.

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Workplace Safety Syndrome Keynote

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Pacific Safety Conference

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BC Construction Safety Alliance

Workplace Safety Syndrome keynote