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Twitches, tics, wild gestures and grunts!

How does someone living with the rare neurological Tourette Syndrome become a business mastery success and inspirational keynote speaker? By becoming Unstoppable.

At the age of just eight years old, Stuart Ellis-Myers began to develop one of the most misunderstood mental illnesses of our time . . . Tourette Syndrome. Faced with the prospect of a lifetime of frustration, isolation, and shame – the typical reaction to this condition – Stuart instead chose to make his life into something remarkable. Today, Twitchy inspires audiences around the world on how refresh, refuel and refocus obstacles into opportunities.

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What the *♣$≈#%  is Tourette Syndrome?

Books by Stuart Ellis-Myers

Mental Health, Mental Wealth

The New Book by Stuart Ellis-Myers

Unstoppable is the inspiring story of how Stuart Ellis-Myers overcame his rare neurological disorder — Tourette Syndrome — to build a most improbable career as a keynote speaker.

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