Unstoppable Resilience:

The Power of You

Why do market leaders such as Coca-Cola & Expedia engage Twitchy, a man living with Tourette Syndrome to speak at their conferences?

Stuart Ellis-Myers inspires real results

Unstoppable Resilience:
The Power of You

Stuart Ellis-Myers aka Twitchy has uncontrollably twitched 30 million times to become the WORLD’S ONLY inspirational keynote speaker living with anxiety, depression, bipolar and Tourettes. 

He has overcome countless Unstoppable challenges to become a hilarious content-rich, ‘Robin Williams Living with a Twitch.’

GET READY to take a deep dive into the hidden world of Unstoppable-ability to resurface refreshed, refueled and refocused! Every laugh while you learn keynote is jam-packed with mind-blowing mental health, mental wealth insights. 

NOW MORE THAN EVER, your conference attendees are looking for fresh ideas and innovative understandings to become Unstoppably Resilient. With Twitchy on stage get ready to discover leveraging a deeper understanding of your own Unstoppable superpowers.

As a constantly travelling 850+ worldwide conference performer, Stuart’s life purpose shares surprisingly simple Unstoppable insights to boost mental health into mental wealth. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Live, laugh and learn
  2. Embrace emotional resilience
  3. Deny distractions
  4. Mood mastery made easy
  5. Unravel your UNSTOPPABLE superpowers

“ …directly relevant, inspiring, unforgettable, and immediately usable by all our attendees …” —Coca-Cola

“ …Your presentations were like tidal waves. Super positive feedback…” —Expedia