Discover DEI Disability:

Your Inclusion Edge

Why do market leaders such as National Disability Service (NDS) Australia and Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists engage Twitchy, a man living with Tourette Syndrome to speak at their conferences?

Stuart Ellis-Myers inspires real results

Discover DEI Disability:
Your Inclusion Edge

More Disability Driven Revenues!!

More Disability Driven Sales!!

More Disability Driven Fun!!

Looking for that elusive unique point of sales difference to boost new market sales? It’s called 53 million People-With-Disabilities (PWD). 

92% of your clients feel more favourable towards businesses that hire persons with disabilities.

87% of your clients agreed they would prefer to give their business to companies that hire people with disabilities.

Described as ‘extraordinary’ by Coca-Cola and ‘Unstoppable’ by Expedia. Stuart Ellis-Myers has uncontrollably twitched 30 million times to become the world’s only inspirational speaker living with the rare neurological disorder, Tourette Syndrome. 863+ audiences know Stuart as a content rich, laugh while you learn ‘Robin Williams living with a twitch’. 

Stuart merges the competitive experiences of being a top performing corporate recruiter calling upon decades of senior director of sales experience. Get ready to take a deep dive into the hidden world of disability to resurface ready to activate new hidden market sales revenues, decrease costs, and improve efficiency. Stuart constantly travels to share surprisingly simple insights and actions on how to boost disability market driven sales. He reveals how industry leaders across the country are quickly discovering their disability sales edge. 

Discover 53 million new potential revenue reasons to market and employ people living with a disability to boost sales, while increasing client loyalty and invaluable employee retention—all achieved by embracing the new all-inclusive reality that people with disabilities live, work and purchase. 

Integrating Disability Outcomes

  1. CEO increase top line revenue
  2. COO Deliver equal or higher work performance
  3. OPERATIONS Increase Productivity
  4. MARKETING Increase your ‘cool’ company factor
  5. HR Enjoy higher loyalty and retention
  6. HR Lower Absenteeism
  7. PR Public and community relations benefit

“…Best session ever! Level of engagement and excitement with Disabilities Work tools that work!…” 
National Disability Service (NDS) Australia

“…Highly entertaining! Absolutely informative. Heard many audience accolades some who believed you were my brother!…”
Patricia Macgregor BSc (Hons), R.PH, M.HSc, CHE
The Hospital for Sick Children, Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists

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