Unstoppable SALES

How can a sales person living with uncontrollable twitches, tics wild gestures and the rare neurological disorder Tourette Syndrome ever sell multiple millions of products and service while achieving total sales success?

More to the point, if he can do it – what’s stopping you?

Stuart Ellis-Myers a.k.a. Twitchy is the WORLD’S ONLY sales mastery keynote speaker living with Tourettes. He inspires audiences worldwide with his contagious enthusiasm and powerfully proven techniques for turning sales rejection into client selection.

Discover how every sales professional can generate trust by first asking a set of psychologically powerful questions – and truly listen to answers. Learn to love the sales process, and achieve unbelievable levels of success, by using (H.I.T.) H-onesty, I-ntegrity and T-ruth to become a consistent client trusted sales master of solutions in your industry.

In this interactive, experientially-based keynote, sales professionals will learn how to ethically ANCHOR every client relationship by taking control, discovering hidden prospect needs and then work to exceed them.

This high-impact special event experience guides sales professionals as they transform their own ‘twitches’ into sales riches.

During his time as a corporate recruiter, Stuart interviewed thousands of professional sales people. He discovered two major flaws that all sales people face, and how to demolish both to quickly achieve total sales mastery!

A shocking 92% of all sales people lack the ability to effectively ask for business, or how to deal with rejection.

ANCHORING is a psychosocial technique Stuart has shared with hundreds of sales leader audiences. Clients report a measurable increase in their sales closure performance by 23%. As someone who has dealt with constant rejection for decades due to Tourette Syndrome, Stuart teaches how to overcome the fear of rejection.

Once rejection mastery is accomplished, your sales staff will be ready to turn rejection into selection at every opportunity.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Increase Sales by 28%
  2. Stop Order-Taking and Start Selling
  3. 5 ANCHORING Questions; Creating Authentic Relationships with Every Client
    Transform Sales Disabilities Into Selling Abilities
  4. Double Your Net Sales
  5. Closure Performance