Ag Safe Mental Health Safety Conference

Twitchy aka Stuart Ellis-Myers



I learn so much speaking at every conference I speak at. For CASA CANADIAN AGRICULTURAL SAFETY ASSOCIATION who knew that the Agriculture Industry has the highest suicide rate in Canada? I invite you to watch both videos offered on this blog. Work, family and love are invaluable relationships to have and to hold within. What do you do when family and love leave? This video shares how to understand why we hide our mental health away. Also THAT IT IS OK NOT TO BE OK – Looking for instant release and a path to healing do what Emily did – she reached out for help, got it and has regained her mental health by doing what she loves to do – catch fish. If you are struggling with mental health challenge of suspect someone you know is. Don't hesitate there are resources everywhere across North America Emily invites you to see for yourself and for others to learn that mental health is no different from being a diabetic. This video will take you on a journey of empathy and understanding. Emily’s message is this: When you mention diabetes, people are cool, they understand. When you mention the two words 'mental & health' people tend to run for the door. It's brave people like Emily who possess an undeniable sense of humor as large as all outdoors. Emily's video here takes the viewer on a deep dive empathy and understanding experience to resurface ready to break the stigma associated with the words 'mental & health'. A truly powerful and candid video sharing the lived experience of mental health. Ag Safety Rocks, saves lives and takes a special type of individual to balance the ever changing regulations, programs and to especially generate trust with farmers and everyone directly Ag production associated.

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